Frequently Asked Questions with Answers about Scalp Micropigmentation

What is scalp micropigmentation?


Does terms such as Scalp Micropigmentation/ Scalp Pigmentation/ Hair Tattoo/ SMP/ Hair Pigmentation mean same thing?


Is scalp micropigmentation a permanent solution for hairloss?


How long does scalp micropigmentation last?


How much does scalp micropigmentation cost?


How long scalp micropigmentation procedure take?


Is scalp micropigmentation painful?


Would scalp micropigmentation help alopecia sufferers?


Can scalp micropigmentation be used after hair transplant?


As above. Hair implants for some people still leaves not enough hair density, which can be finished off with SMP. Any scars after hair implants and other surgeries can be adjusted using method of scalp pigmentation.

Will scalp micropigmentation cover scars after FUT/FUE


FUT (strip based unit) and FUE (fillicullar unit excision) scars after hair implants can be blended with rest of hair which grow around. It blend the scar leaving immitation of hair follicle in place.

Does scalp micropigmentation look natural?


Scalp Micropigmentation look extremelly natural. We create multiple layers of pigment which are builded with tiny needle size that immitates your follicle. Each result is individual and require artistic approach.

What aftercare should be used after scalp micropigmentation treatment?


Avoid wearing head covers for 5 days after the treatment. Keep head dry for 6 days after the treatment. Do not use any creams or oitments on the tattooed area- proces need to heal itself, naturally.

Are there any contraindications before scalp micropigmentation treatment?


For male hairloss enhancement as scalp micropigmentation, clients have to be in good form, not on any strong medications. Each case is individually approached on free of charge consultations. Women proceeding with scalp pigmentation additionally can not be pregnant or breast feeding. SMP products are hypo allergic so clients prone to allergies can still use scalp pigmentation treatment.

Does celebrities have scalp micropigmentation?


Celebrities such as have performer scalp pigmentation treatment. Treatment become very popular and trendy. Usually they do not want to be named to avoid more publicity.

How does the scalp micropigmentation fade?


Scalp micropigmentation fade into lighter shade. Do not change the colours. Skin exfoliates and within couple of years effect will become only slightly visible. It should not become blurry when performer correctly.

How does scalp micropigmentation look after couple of years time?


When scalp pigmentation has been implanted correctly, you should see fading effect, looking still natural. Usually about 20% of pigment fade each year with natural proces of skin exfoliation.

Can scalp micropigmentation be removed?


Laser tattoo removal is recommended for full heads of scalp micropigmentation results. to remove individual and small sizes botched work, Rejuvi Tattoo Removal can be perfect and quick solution. Always ask for professional advice.

Why there are so many people going around with fake looking scalp micropigmentation?


When we decide to undergo scalp micropigmentation we should always go to multiple clinics for in person consultations. Its our right to ask technician about all the aspects and see their portfolio. Do not be blown by beautiful pictures taken from internet or by professional photographers. You should also see the effects straight after, from close look. Each individual hair immitation should be performer precisely, without any blur surrounding it.

Are there any disadvantages when it comes to the scalp micropigmentation treatment?


-You need to shave your head regullary to avoid longer cut going above shaved cut SMP.

-If you decide to blend thinning hair and you wear long cut, you have to keep in mind that if you decide to shave to zero, you will need to come for scalp micropigmentation adjustment.

-To complete your end result sometimes we might ask you to come for even 5th or 6th session. It is most important for us that you are 100% happy with the results. And so we do!

-If your hairloss continue, you will need to come for adjustment session to cover any new progress.

Can scalp micropigmentation be used on blonde hairs?


Blonde hair customers can still undergo scalp micropigmentation treatment. Hair follicles are still darker then the hair itself, so in the shaved look effect we match the colour of the follicle. In density effect we work on lightest shade of pigments to build natural looking effects.

Can scalp micropigmentation be used on dark hairs?


Dark hairs grow from dark coloured hair follicles. We match different shades of black pigment to match the colour of your hair growth or hair follicle, depending on which haircut we are building up.

Can scalp micropigmentation add more density into thinning hair?


Scalp Micropigmentation is formally founded to cover thinning hair problems. Thin hair or receeding hairline can be adjusted with scalp pigmentation. Results will look very natural and nobody will even notice that scalp has been adjusted.

Would scalp micropigmentation look good on dark skin?


Dark skin blends perfect with darkest shades of scalp micropigmentation pigments. Every shade is individually chosen with view on client skin type and hair follicle colour.

Is scalp micropigmentation a cheap treatment?


Unfortunatelly, scalp micropigmentation isn’t a cheap service. It requires multiple sessions, lasting few hours long. It is very precise treatment and it needs time to build end result from thousands of single hair follicles immitation.

Would scalp micropigmentation help for women hairloss?


Scalp Micropigmentation covers skin visible through the thinning hair on scalp. Procedure is looking fantastic on female patients. Overall look of scalp is becoming adjusted, head look fuller, hairs look more dense.

Do you provide Scalp Micropigmentation Training?


HIS&HERS Micropigmentation Clinic provide range of scalp micropigmentation and permanent make-up training courses. We are market leaders with many years of experience. Our training is one-on-one based, 1 to 3 students per class. You will get always individual, hands on, professional training. All of our Training Courses are fully accredited and insured.