Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP)- technique called pointillism use tiny, follicle replicate dots in different shades of black to create natural looking blend of shadow on your scalp. Definition of full hair growth is created on head which seamlessly blend with rest of your natural hair.
Beautiful definition and depth is formed leaving long lasting results which gradually lighten, as skin exfoliates.
Typical results time frame for normal skin equal lasting up to 5 years time.

Alopecia areata case Scalp Micropigmentation
alopecia areata case

Complexion of skin, its type and hair density is taken into account when practitioner create perfect blend. Full process take up to 5 settings where on each one results are examined and carefully adjusted.

Scalp Micropigmentation is non invasive, 100% guaranteed results treatment with no downtime and immediate results. I think it can not be better option for men who does suffer from
-have thinning hair
-have scarring after FUE/FUT hair transplant

Scalp Micropigmentation is one of the easiest and most universal treatment for hair loss or thinning hair. You do not need to wait 6+ months to see results (if any) from taking tablets and rubbing lotions into scalp.

SMP is special process of implanting thousands of micro dots on scalp to create visual image of shaved head. Design of natural hair growth is created. Pattern is also used to cover thinning hair so after the treatment the end result is very natural. Nobody will notice anymore that client had thinning hair. Colour can also blend into scars after hair transplant, for cancer patients or alopecia sufferers. Hair transplant clients can also benefit.

Another option for hair loss and thinning – is needle mesotherapy- we recommend treatment to bring natural density back. Hairs become thicker, stronger, growing even in all places, follicles are moistured. Mesotherapy fill them up with witamines and other missing ingredients, that they have lost.

Scalp Micropigmentation SMP creates new hair line, which look very natural. Effect is made from variety of same color shaded dots, so overall effect leave natural look like the hairs has just been shaved. Only hair follicles are on place. When wearing longer hairs, effect will blend with hair color. This method is perfect for all types of hair loss, designed for people who decided to have their scalp shaved or short cut of few mm length.

SMP beautifully covers scars after hair transplants reducing its visibility. Works well with added density to already placed hair transplants. Alopecia patches can be covered with scalp micropigmentation, to visibly minimise hairloss in affected areas.

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